Blast from the past! The TV Days

Throughout the ’90s we produced over 500 weekly TV shows with John Gillespie.  He recently put a selection of these on a Vimeo site.  I’ve watched every one of them and remember them all.  There couldn’t have been a decade that was more fun coming directly out of college.  John and I together purchased a non-linear editing system in 1995 to edit the show, produce industrial videos and commercials.  Rumor has it that we were the second company in Wisconsin to transition to non-linear editing.  Very exciting time.

John has inspired me to start adding shows that we produced from the 2000’s.  Including “Hitting the Outdoors” with Brian Noble and “Midwest Classic Golf” with Tom Sutton.

River Club of Mequon

After nearly 12 years of producing golf destination TV shows we are back in the golf industry.  Woohoo!  We will be producing commercials, hole-by-hole aerials, event coverage among other videos for the beautiful River Club of Mequon.  There is nothing better than driving a cart on an awesome course only to capture great footage.  We …

Babe in the Woods

This is the pilot show for a new TV series called Babe in the Woods.  This show is unique because it takes women from their normal everyday life and helps transform them into hunters.  The trend over the last few years is that men hunters are on the decline while women hunters are expanding.  Jen …

Summer Sounds

Cedarburg’s award winning summer concert series is the thing to do on Friday nights.  Great food, great drinks, great people and most importantly great music.

Perspective Productions-Aerial golf footage

We are now putting our decades of experience of shooting golf course destinations to use by offering aerial footage with video drones, under the name Perspective Productions.  Here is a short example from “The Bog”.