Schutt Helmets

Through a publishing company called 3 Cycle Media, we were hired to travel down to Auburn University. Schutt Helmets have always been at the forefront of tackling football’s growing concerns about concussions. It was fun to meet the coaches and players and see the whole football program.


Over the years we can’t count the number of car commercials we have done. We have produced commercials for roughly 30 different dealerships. Here’s a couple from the past


This video was done for Bemis through an ad agency in Sheboygan. It plays in their museum. Assets were limited to those that exist from many years in business. Although it is a slideshow…it is far from a slideshow.

Accurate Metal Products

Accurate Metal Products has been around for a long time. They are using video to promote a new piece of equipment that is so cool, you need to watch… Our boom came in handy on this shoot, so did the go pro.


Guidance uses video to introduce new products and to train and support their customers on using their products. They design, engineer and develop forensic computer equipment that help the CIA and FBI. Many of these assets were created with photos and 3D modeling software.

Lakeshore Chinooks

To the season ticket holders of the Chinooks…We are sorry. The video that plays just after the pledge of allegiance was produced to fire up the crowd and home team. I bet it got a little old for you night after night.

Tony Mankus

We love projects like this…Tony Mankus-author of “Where Do I Belong?” wanted to promote the publishing of his book using video. Great man + Great story = cool project to work on. There aren’t a whole lot of royalty free assets from Lithuania and Germany from WWII but using some video from our library and …