Carollo Engineers

This is the first part of what will ultimately be a full documentary.  This new water treatment technology has many applications across the globe, particularly where farming is present.  We will be shooting and editing this project as it happens over the course of 18 months.


Safro’s May spot.  We wanted more dramatic lighting which isn’t all that easy in a fully lit showroom.  It worked out though.

Midwest Classic Golf

This TV show aired for 10 years throughout the Midwest.  We took viewers on a virtual tour of the best courses and resorts in the Midwest and beyond, including the Old Course, in St. Andrews, many courses in Jamaica, California, Florida and Ireland.  The mission was to tell the destination golfer where to stay, play …

Chasin’ Mason

Chasin’ Mason needed video of a live performance for the electronic media kit. This was a sold out show at Milwaukee’s Turner hall.  We used multiple cameras, including strategically placed go pros.  It was a very fun night.