Backyard Nature Products and SIM video promotion

Backyard Nature Products called on our friends at SIM (Smart Interactive Media) to create a video explaining the great products they make. I am now a customer of BYNP with chairs, tables and birdhouses in my yard that withstand the Wisconsin winter with no problem. In fact, you will see my yard throughout this video. We had little time to shoot this before the leaves started falling. We were thankful to have a patch of late nice weather.

Backyard Nature Products is a leading provider of high-quality bird feeders and birding accessories. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, their products are designed to attract a variety of bird species while minimizing environmental impact. Backyard Nature Products offers innovative and durable feeders that are easy to maintain, enhancing the bird-watching experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Their commitment to quality and environmental stewardship makes them a trusted choice for bird lovers looking to create a backyard sanctuary.