Lexus Pre-Roll

We don’t put every car commercial that we do on our site, just when there is something unique.  Internet pre-roll adds are the relatively new thing.  Viewers have the option of cutting out of the commercial after 5 seconds.  We are trying to entice the viewer to stick around for the whole commercial.  In this commercial …

Today’s Dentistry

This commercial is for Today’s dentistry.  It airs in local movie theaters and the home page of their website.  The mission is to show how integrated Today’s is in the community and hope to get a buzz going to include many residents in future commercials.

Guidance Software TD2u

This is a video introduction to a new product by Guidance Software.  They develop hardware and software for the forensic industry.  One of their biggest clients is the CIA.  We take their products to our in-house studio and shoot them on a turntable in front of a green screen.


Safro’s May spot.  We wanted more dramatic lighting which isn’t all that easy in a fully lit showroom.  It worked out though.