Milwaukee Cylinder

SIM-Smart Interactive Media hired TB Productions to produce another 3D animation job for Milwaukee Cylinder. Although we are not an official 3D animation job shop, we do have some capabilities. This video not only shows what a counterbalance valve does but it also shows what we can do in the 3D world.

Great Lakes Roofing and The Ronald McDonald House-Marshfield

If you are looking for a responsible company, look no further. This video displays just one way that Great Lakes Roofing gives back. GLRC replaces roofs throughout the state of Wisconsin. Creating a sense of community across a whole state is no simple task but GLRC finds a way. This particular charity hits close to …

Johnson Centrifugal

Johnson Centrifugal’s marketing group, AE Miller Marketing Group, reached out to populate their website with video. We worked together with AE Miller on video concepts, writing the scripts and interview questions. We met some great people, introduced to a great company and we’ve never shot liquid aluminum before. It didn’t disappoint.

Culver Brand Design

Who said pets are hard to work with? Everybody has and they are right but still fun as it always is working with Culver! Also fun to feature a bunch of friend’s dogs and mine got to drive a car to find Fromm dog food.