This video was done for Bemis through an ad agency in Sheboygan. It plays in their museum. Assets were limited to those that exist from many years in business. Although it is a slideshow…it is far from a slideshow.

Accurate Metal Products

Accurate Metal Products has been around for a long time. They are using video to promote a new piece of equipment that is so cool, you need to watch… Our boom came in handy on this shoot, so did the go pro.


Guidance uses video to introduce new products and to train and support their customers on using their products. They design, engineer and develop forensic computer equipment that help the CIA and FBI. Many of these assets were created with photos and 3D modeling software.


Culver ad was hired to help Lamplight Farms get these products into Home Depot. They needed video to show how these products worked in an outdoor setting. This was a bit more complicated than you’d think as it was 0 degrees with a couple feet of snow outside. A photo background and a real threat …

Big Brothers Big Sisters

We like to add a few philanthropic projects into the mix from time to time. Big Bros wasn’t sure what they wanted but were very happy with the result. We conceptualized, wrote and eventually shot this project with a DSLR.


This division of Manpower Group wanted a video that promotes their company’s culture, touches on their history and promotes their energy. With direction from Culver Brand Advertising we spent a day at Manpower HQ shooting this video. We used a steady cam and multiple cameras to move through their office quickly. The fine acting was …

Brookfield Academy

We were hired by Firehouse Communications to produce an 11 video series for Brookfield Academy. The mission was to show how character is the backbone of all this school’s teachings. We spent a day roaming the halls of each of their four schools. A coordinated effort between Firehouse, TB, and the school provided the rest …